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Friday, May 23, 2014

Why This Blog

I want to be clear about why this blog is about to happen. First of all, this is for teen girls. Growing up is HARD. Making friends and keeping friends is difficult. I remember questioning whether my friends actually wanted to hang out with me because one day they might figure out I wasn't as cool as them (I was constantly worried about this). SO MANY emotions! I meet so many young females who I just want to hang out but we all live all over the the place so here is a blog :) Some of you ladies out there have no idea quite how awesome you are. 

This blog will primarily be about entrepreneurship. Take ideas and put them into action. I hope this blog will be an inspiration for you too think outside of typical lemonade stand idea and think of other ways to make money as well as giving back to people around you. I want to feature different teens doing cool things. So send me any ideas!